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What is the price of Bay Mau coconut forest tickets, what activities can you participate in, how to go,... are questions frequently asked by tourists. Because when hearing the name, people often think this place is in the West. But actually this is a meeting point in Hoi An ancient town. Different from the peaceful, quiet and ancient look of the old town, this place brings a new breeze blowing into this place. You can experience many unique and interesting fun activities here. What are you waiting for? Let's start this wonderful trip with Nano Travel!

Bay Mau coconut forest ticket takes you back to the charming Southwest region

Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area - one of the famous Hoi An tourist destinations

1. Some details about Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An

Located in Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An, coconut forest is a famous and novel tourist destination that attracts many visitors. The reason it is called Bay Mau coconut forest is because previously this tourist area had a total area of ​​7 hectares. However, later, due to "favorable weather and favorable conditions", the coconut forest "proliferated" to more than 100 hectares. But because this name is so familiar, people still keep it unchanged. Sometimes when people hear the name, they mistakenly think it is a place in the West. Because viewed from above, the image of a green coconut forest runs along both sides of the river and is filled with alluvium from Cua Dai River.

This is a bright, vibrant image that is completely different from the ancient, time-tinged look of mossy walls, tiled roofs or ancient architectural works. Coming here to travel, visitors can sit on basket boats to go sightseeing. It is a natural scenery with peaceful and rustic forests, rivers, and canals. The coconut forest is truly a great rendezvous for a trip to seek healing and recharge. Besides admiring the beautiful scenery, visitors can also participate in many interesting activities. All promise to bring you a wonderful trip with many memorable memories.

2. Instructions on how to get to the coconut forest

Hoi An does not have any airport, so tourists will usually take a plane to Da Nang and then continue to travel to Hoi An. You can choose from a variety of different types of vehicles depending on your personal needs. Can be: passenger car, car, motorbike, etc. If you are traveling in a large group, you should rent a taxi, self-drive car or book a tour. For those who like to go backpacking or travel independently, visitors can choose to travel by motorbike. After that, you can choose one of the following two ways to move to Bay Mau coconut forest.

By road: Depart from Hoi An in the direction of Cua Dai bridge and then continue straight without crossing the bridge to arrive. Or you can follow Tran Phu Street, turn left at the intersection. Next, go to Nguyen Du street and go to Tran Nhan Tong street to arrive. If you are not familiar with directions, you can turn on google map or ask a local for directions! River route: Visitors can choose the river route besides the road. This method is chosen by many people because it is new and very interesting. You will move to Bach Dang wharf to rent a boat to the coconut forest. The boat will take you down the Hoai River. The distance is quite close, only 5km, so going very quickly and you can see the river scene.

Come to Bay Mau tourist area to freely indulge your virtual life

Cam Thanh coconut forest has a history of formation about 200 years ago

3. Bay Mau coconut forest ticket prices and operating hours

Before 2017, the tourist area did not collect entrance tickets. But from 2022, fees will begin to apply. The price is also quite reasonable, suitable for tourists' budgets. Specifically:

  • Entrance ticket to Bay Mau coconut forest:  30,000 VND/ticket/person (Booking through Hoi An City Tour will be free)
  • Tickets for coconut forest in basket boat: Ticket for coconut forest in basket boat:
  • Adults: 150,000 VND/basket/2 guests/60-minute trip
  • Children under 1m are free.

    Especially when booking tickets online through Tour Hoi An City, you will receive free entrance tickets (30,000 VND). Especially, when you buy tickets in a large group, you will get an even cheaper price! Or you can book a package tour so you don't have to worry about buying tickets.

    Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area is open every day of the week. Opening hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. However, times may vary on holidays or weekends. This whole day period is long enough for you to fully enjoy all the fun activities here. You can proactively arrange your time and plan to have the best trip possible! 

4. Where to book reputable, cheap Bay Mau coconut forest tour tickets?

Currently, there are many addresses providing Bay Mau coconut forest tour tickets. But you still have to be very careful because there are many scammers. If you are still wondering where to book tickets, you can contact Hoi An City Tour's cheap ticket booking hotline 0905551022. As the leading travel company in Da Nang, we promise to bring customers quality services at the most competitive prices on the market. Not only are tickets to tourist areas, Tour Hoi An City also provides you with package tours. One of them is the Hoi An coconut forest tour.

Experience many interesting activities when purchasing coconut forest tickets

The tour price includes transportation, entrance tickets, lunch at the restaurant and a number of other services. When registering for a tour at Tour Hoi An City, you don't need to worry about anything. Because we will prepare for you from A - Z from eating, sleeping to having fun. Very convenient, right? Register for the tour now!

Specific prices are as follows:

No service name Translation price
first Seven-acre coconut forest tour 150,000 VND/2 guests
2 Local dishes (Banh xeo, spring rolls) 50,000 VND/Guest
3 Lunch at the coconut forest (Chicken rice, coconut) 50,000 VND/Guest
4 Round trip shuttle bus in Hoi An (4 seats) 200k/car
5 Round trip shuttle bus in Da Nang (4 seats) 500k/car

4.1. The ideal time to visit the coconut forest

Hoi An is beautiful in every season, whether it's the rainy season or the dry season. Therefore, depending on their free time, tourists can choose an appropriate time period. February to June is the ideal period. Because at this time the weather is dry and pleasant without harsh sunlight, very suitable for fun activities in the river region. Around May - July is the hottest time in the Central region. But on the contrary, many tourists choose to visit at this time. Because you can combine the tour with experiencing the light festival in the old town. Or come in August - November to escape the heat of the crowded city. And participating in releasing flower lanterns is extremely attractive and interesting.

From February to June is the best time to visit the coconut forest

A note for you is that you should not go in December. Because this is the rainy season in Hoi An. So it is very likely that there will be storms and constant heavy rain. Therefore, it will affect your trip. At the same time, you should also check the weather forecast before going to ensure your vacation will have the best weather.

4.2. Road to Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An

In recent years, Bay Mau coconut forest has been a famous destination chosen by many people in their  Da Nang - Hue - Hoi An travel itinerary . Therefore, the road system is quite developed and you will easily get here by boat or car, taxi, or motorbike in 2 ways:

  • River:  You will board a boat at Bach Dang wharf (in  Hoi An ancient town ), the boat will take you down the Thu Bon river to reach the coconut forest. 
  • By road:  Starting from Hoi An city center, you follow Tran Nhan Tong street, cross  Cua Dai bridge  and go another 500m to arrive. 

5. Interesting activities to try when buying coconut forest tickets

To visit Bay Mau coconut forest, visitors must definitely participate in the following activities:

Experience a basket boat ride to sightsee along the Hoai River

Take a basket boat to see the scenery

The first activity and a must-try is basket boat ride. You will sit on beautiful small basket boats to cruise along the long river. On both sides are rows of green, shady coconut trees like the Southwest. Floating on the water, playing with the gentle waves. You will feel like you are lost in a wonderland and enjoy the cool, comfortable feeling. Sometimes the boatmen even joke around with a few spins. This new feeling of wobbling makes you both excited and a little scared. Furthermore, when you creep deep into the coconut trees, you can ask the uncles and aunties to stop the boat in shallow water to rest. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to save beautiful souvenir photos. Or climb up a coconut tree to play and take unique, one-of-a-kind photos.

Buy tickets to the coconut forest to admire the unique 1 0 2 basket dance performance

Coconut forest tickets bring you unique basket dance performances

After taking a walk around the coconut forest. Visitors will be able to admire the basket dance performance performed by the local people themselves. It can be said that this is the most unique and awaited performance of this trip. The boatmen, with their professionalism and flexibility, will make swinging movements to make the basket spin around. The basket rotates to create waves, and the hands dance with paddles, making it extremely eye-catching. It seemed like both the person and the basket would fall into the river, but they didn't. People around were shouting and cheering extremely boisterously and happily.

If you want to experience it, you can also sit on that basket with the people to rotate. This is a thrilling game, so if you're seasick, don't participate! Just looking at it is enough to bring you excitement and pleasure.

Participate in many exciting fun activities when coming to Bay Mau tourist area

Participate in unique folk games

Besides admiring the interesting basket dance performance, visitors can also watch the scene of people casting nets to catch fish. When you reach the area in the middle of the river, you will see this performance specifically for tourists. Under the afternoon sunlight, people's hard work becomes even more romantic and artistic. You can get on this boat and they will teach you how to cast a net and ask you to take beautiful photos! In addition, you can also participate in many other interesting fun activities. For example, greeting a fishing boat transformed into a fisherman is one of them. Or visitors can go ashore to experience folk games. Typical examples are: pond bathing, stilt bridge walking, tug of war, blindfolded hitting the pot, riding a balance bike, etc. All are extremely interesting and attract many tourists to participate. Just register with BTC and you will immediately have 1 experience slot!

Make impressive souvenirs from fresh coconut leaves

Experience making souvenirs with coconut leaves when purchasing coconut forest tickets

When taking a boat to sightsee the river, tourists will be given commemorative gifts made of coconut leaves by local people. It could be the design of jewelry or animals made from fresh coconut leaves. Typically: watches, rings, locusts, coconut leaf hats, etc. Although this simple gift is not of great value, it is very meaningful. It shows the enthusiasm, simplicity and hospitality of the people of Quang. Besides, if you want to bring it home as a gift for relatives, you can ask your aunt or uncle to show you how to do it. To be able to create meaningful gifts yourself.

Delicious Quang specialties

Enjoy delicious local cuisine

After having fun, don't forget to "recharge" with the specialty dishes here. Typical examples are: Grilled fish: Coming to the coconut forest, you cannot miss fish dishes that are rich in the love of the Central region. Such as: bottle fish, mackerel, ray, plaice,... It can be processed into dishes such as: salty braised, grilled, sour soup, braised. Every dish is delicious, rich in flavor from fish meat and spices. Eating with white rice won't waste much rice. Banana flower salad: This is a rustic, traditional dish that is indispensable in people's daily meals. Thinly sliced ​​banana flowers soaked in salt water and lemon to reduce the acrid taste. Then mix it with boiled meat or shrimp and spices and herbs. The ingredients are extremely simple but bring a very unique flavor, satisfying diners. Coconut water sweet soup: After you have eaten your fill, you can enjoy a delicious, cool glass of coconut water sweet soup. This is truly a "cure" for a hot summer day. Made from coconuts in the coconut forest so the price is very cheap. Grilled coconut cake: This is a specialty, the pride of Hoi An people. Made from glutinous rice flour, fresh coconut and white sugar. Mix well then bake. When cooked, the cake is fragrant, delicious, crunchy and extremely attractive. Delicious and cheap, why not buy a few bags to take home as gifts, right?

5. Experience traveling to the coconut forest you should know

To make your trip more wonderful and complete, you can refer to some notes below:

When sitting on a basket boat, visitors should not bring too many loose or valuable items. Such as: jewelry, money, watches, computers, phones, etc. To avoid falling into the river and you can join in the fun.

You have to move around a lot, so you should wear comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing cumbersome dresses and high heels that will hinder your tour.

You should buy tickets to the coconut forest and visit in the early morning or late afternoon. Probably around 4:00 p.m. At this time, the weather is pleasant, there is no harsh sunlight, but you can also watch the beautiful sunset.

Besides sitting on a basket boat, you can take a boat of 4 people at a time. The experience is similar but the price is a bit cheaper.

Apply sunscreen and prepare hats, hats, and umbrellas for sun protection on hot days.

Bring extra snacks and drinks to prevent hunger during the tour.

If traveling during peak tourist season, visitors should book hotel rooms and resort tickets in advance. To avoid the situation of running out of rooms and running out of tickets.

Hopefully Hoi An City Tour's sharing about Bay Mau coconut forest ticket prices will be useful to you. To book tickets or tours, call the cheap ticket booking hotline 0905551022 to receive advice and buy at the most preferential prices! 

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