Vietnam tourism development: From being isolated, how did Da Nang rise to become a symbol?

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What tourism products does Vietnam have to attract world tourists? Answer: Endless products, if investors are properly incentivized.

The logo of Vietnam's tourism industry is a lotus with 5 petals. Many people know this, but not everyone knows, this logo has a difference compared to the tourism logos of Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, the leading destinations in Southeast Asia. It is the only logo that permanently represents Vietnam's tourism resources, through the colors of the five lotus petals.

Golden Bridge at Sun World Ba Na Hills Tourist Area, Da Nang

From the story of 5 lotus petals

In 2008, the cable car project to Ba Na Mountain was being built in Da Nang. At that time, the tourism development strategy of the South Central Coast region focused on the sea and culture. No one has imagined the impact this project will have on the city's tourism.

At the same time, the Japan Development Cooperation Agency (JICA) carried out a series of large-scale and extensive studies on Da Nang tourism. JICA's report titled "Strategy for integrated tourism development in Da Nang and surrounding areas" carries many "oracles" for the future 15 years later.

Specifically: The average stay of tourists to Da Nang is only 2 days, while the national average is up to 2.5 days. "This implies that Da Nang only functions as a transit station for tourists to neighboring provinces, where there are world cultural heritage sites and beach resorts," the report said.

JICA also surveyed travel companies in all three provinces of Da Nang, Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Nam. What is considered the most lacking in tourism infrastructure in this region? The common answer between Da Nang and Quang Nam: entertainment services and nightlife activities.

If only considering the raw resources of available natural and cultural heritages, Da Nang can hardly compete with Thua Thien Hue - where there is a complex of Nguyen Dynasty relics - and with Quang Nam - where the American Sanctuary is located. Son and Hoi An ancient town. During that period and until recently, the approach of Vietnamese tourism was still aimed at deeply exploiting available natural, cultural and historical resources. That viewpoint is expressed right in the plans, strategies and on... the industry's logo.

The lotus flower in the "Endless Beauty" identity that Vietnam has used since 2011 has 5 colors, of which blue represents island tourism; Green symbolizes eco-tourism and nature; orange yellow symbolizes cultural and historical tourism; Purple symbolizes exploration and adventure travel; Pink symbolizes the dynamism and hospitality of Vietnamese people.

If those 5 lotus petals are the 5 criteria of a destination, matching the forest, matching the sea and matching the relics, then Da Nang will "lose" to Quang Nam with a difference of a few "goals". The reality is also shown by history. They are just a transit point. Luckily, the limitations of exploiting raw resources were recognized very early, by private businesses and governments. That is the reason projects like Ba Na Hills are formed.

To the thousand-petalled lotus

Sun World Ba Na Hills entertainment complex now welcomes several million visitors each year. More than a successful business project, it became a symbol of a new approach to the lotus flower of Vietnamese tourism. It's not just 5 flower petals with sea, forest, history, majestic mountains or rich traditional culture. It can be any value or product that serves and meets the needs of visitors.

The logo of Thailand tourism, with a stylized smile symbol, has only two traditional colors of this country: purple and yellow. Purple symbolizes happiness, yellow symbolizes prosperity. They attribute traveler emojis, not specific travel products - because products will inevitably change, with human creativity.

Singapore's logo is the shape of this island nation and is a dynamic logo. The Singapore media industry can attach any tourism activity or product to this logo, as long as it is arranged properly with the shape of the country.

Quang Hanh's precious mineral water source is upgraded to the art of Japanese mineral bathing at Yoko Onsen

The creativity of tourism products is endless. The lotus flower of Vietnamese tourism actually has thousands of petals. That is also what pioneering businesses like Sun Group are aware of in their journey to pursue the mission of beautifying the lands. More than a decade since its inauguration, new products are continuously added to Ba Na Hills. After the success of the French village, there are Golden Bridge, Sun God Waterfall, Moon Castle, festivals and shows... These are all carefully designed products, to create new experiences for tourists. guest.

No matter how beautiful a destination is, it is on a world-class level like Ha Long and Bai Tu Long; No matter how rich in tradition a community is, if it only stops at experiencing the available resources, it will become boring to visitors very quickly. Studies of Croatia and Montenegro - two famous tourist countries on the Mediterranean coast - confirm that what attracts international tourists is no longer the destination, but must be a unique tourism product. .

On the banks of Bai Tu Long Bay, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh resort is becoming a new gem of Quang Ninh tourism. Mineral water resources located under Quang Hanh mountain were discovered, researched and proven to have health effects more than half a century ago, but exploitation only stopped at a small sanatorium. A luxury resort - a health care tourism product - is what enhances the value of natural heritage.

In the south of Phu Quoc, a large entertainment center with a series of world-class products is forming in Sunset Town. The southwestern slopes of the island were once truly "hidden beauty". Next to the cliff is the beach in the sunset - where it is almost impossible to build small hotels for local people because of the terrain and sun direction. This place can only be visited by tourists who love to explore for half an hour before returning to the center of the island. Therefore, shopping streets, an art exhibition center, a giant fire, water and light technology show, an iconic bridge designed by the world's leading architects... are promising. a new destination of the world.

A lotus flower is blooming with all its creativity, one petal after another.