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1. Show information

The Hoi An Memories show can be said to be the most beautiful show in the world. The grandeur in scale and unique content have made Hoi An Memories sought after until now. According to Hoi An travel experience, the performance with many extremely attractive and surprising performances made this place make a special mark in the hearts of the audience.

The most spectacular show in Vietnam

1.1. Business hours

The cost of Hoi An Memories tickets is classified according to many different factors, each seat and customer group will have different prices and ticket types. Therefore, you should research before buying to avoid wasting time and unexpected costs.

MiniShow and BigShow Hoi An Memories performance schedule

Show information:

  • Show schedule: every day of the week except Tuesday
  • Show time: 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m
  • Park opening time: 5pm

Seating location map of Hoi An Memories show

To get to Hoi An Impression Park, you can get there in the following two ways. Follow the instructions below to get to the show on time and have a great experience:

  • Option 1: Travel by road, this is a type of road for 16-seat or smaller vehicles that often transport groups of passengers. From Cam Nam bridge, cross the bridge to 159 Nguyen Tri Phuong. On the left will be the Hoi An Impression Bridge, from there you will enter the Park.
  • Option 2: If traveling by boat or transporting other groups of more than 16 seats, you will be picked up at 99 Phan Boi Chau. The boats will depart to pick up passengers at 5:00 p.m. every day.

1.2. Performance location

The show Hoi An Memories takes place at Hoi An Impression Park, located right on the location of Hen Islet. It can be said that this is a large-scale themed cultural project in Hoi An. The stage space is large-scale, the work is elaborately staged and extremely magnificent.

2. Hoi An memory ticket price list

Hoi An Memories show ticket prices will have many different prices, this depends on the type of ticket the customer wants. Besides, it depends on each object and its accompanying needs with many diverse experiences.

Ticket type ECO goods HIGH goods VIP goods
Local 300.000 VNĐ 450.000 VNĐ 950.000 VNĐ
Price set online 510.000 VNĐ 640.000 VNĐ 1.020.000 VNĐ
Ticket prices announced 600.000 VNĐ 750.000 VNĐ 1.200.000 VNĐ


  • Tickets include all services and no other costs are incurred
  • Children from 1m - 1m4 cost 140k
  • Children under 1 meter free
  • Over 1m4 are charged as adults
  • Receive tickets 24/24 without waiting to buy tickets.

3. Where to buy Hoi An memory tickets?

To be able to own these art tickets, you should choose a reputable place to buy tickets, so that you can own a completely wonderful show experience space. Currently, there are many ways to buy Hoi An Memories tickets. You can choose from buying tickets directly at the counter, buying tickets online or buying tickets at an agent.

Place to buy quality Hoi An Memories tickets

However, to be able to own a quality show ticket, we invite you to Vui Vui Travel. This place will help you get yourself an extremely prestigious and quality Hoi An Memories ticket with many of the following advantages:

  • Easily buy tickets anytime, anywhere, with a variety of ticket types and payment methods.
  • No need to queue or wait.
  • Ticket prices and ticket quantities are updated daily and hourly.
  • Attractive incentives for large number of tickets.
  • Returning tickets is convenient and easy.

4. Experience canceling and exchanging Hoi An Memories tickets

You should know information about ticket cancellations and changes, because this is related to your interests. If you miss the information below, you will suffer a lot of costs and unwanted problems. These are experiences that will help you have a great experience when buying tickets.

4.1. Change ticket price

To create comfort and convenience for customers while using the service, we have ticket exchange forms for customers in need. As soon as you make a successful payment, the system will automatically send to your email an electronic voucher in pdf file with the content of exchanging Hoi An Memories tickets. Next, follow these steps:

  • Show the ticket counter staff the image of your voucher from your email so you can redeem your ticket to the show.
  • Bring your original ID card or passport with photo for comparison if requested by the staff.
  • The last ticket exchange time of the day is 7:00 p.m.

Rules for exchanging and returning Hoi An Memories tickets

4.2. How to cancel tickets

Once you have successfully paid for your ticket, the ticket sales location will send a pdf file with an image of a ticket exchange voucher via email. From here, you can exchange tickets in the following 2 ways:

  • Changing or returning tickets at least 24 hours before the performance will not incur any fees.
  • Changing or paying before departure time after 24 hours will lose 100% of the voucher value.

5. Hoi An Memories - What's special about the most beautiful show in the world?

It can be said that this is the most beautiful show in the world with the image of traditional Vietnamese ao dai as the main theme. Besides, professional sound, lighting and props techniques and an elite cast. The show recounted a nostalgic and ancient Hoi An that was extremely magnificent and unique.

5.1. Professional cast

Scale in quantity and majestic in quality are words that may not be enough to describe the cast of this show. Gathering about 500 actors was considered a record for the number of performances in a play. Their efforts and diligent practice were appreciated by the audience right away in this perfect performance.

Professional and talented cast

5.2. Majestic stage

It can be said that this is the largest outdoor stage in Vietnam, with an area of up to 2500m2. The scale of the stage is difficult to fully describe unless you feel it directly. The details from sound to light will make you extremely overwhelmed. Its splendor and magnificence will make you feel that the cost you spend on a ticket is incomparable.

Stage with the largest scale

5.3. Elaborate investment props

Almost all of the actors' props and costumes are designer items, they were made specifically for the show Hoi An Memories. In particular, there are props crafted based on images of Cau Pagoda, Ancient Houses, Boats, etc. With the original images meticulously preserved. In addition to the conical hat designed to match the color of the lamp, all tools are restored at a 1:1 ratio from materials collected in Vietnamese museums.

Costumes are meticulously crafted

5.4. Advanced light and sound effects

Sound and lighting equipment are carefully invested, lights and music effects are arranged logically and perfectly. The investment scale is raised to a new level, when the string lights and music are adjusted extremely realistically. Create liveliness and surprise for the audience watching the show.

Professional sound and light effects

5.5. Unique content

The content is compiled and staged closely with the cultural history of Hoi An, giving the audience a new perspective on Hoi An. The footage of Hoi An's past is perfect and beautiful, which makes the show extremely valuable.

The show's content is attractive and unique

6. Content of the parts of the Hoi An memory show

With just a Hoi An Memories ticket in hand, you can go back to the past and walk around an extremely beautiful and new Hoi An. The performances are lively and closely follow the history of Hoi An's formation. Let's take a look at the highlights of the Hoi An Memories show.

6.1. Part 1: Life

The image of 100 girls wearing traditional Vietnamese white ao dai gliding on the path of artistic light opens the story of the ancient days of beautiful Hoi An. The newly reclaimed land of Hoi An appears, its simplicity and simplicity appear extremely real. Starting with the extremely clear image of the enthusiastic labor of the people here, the play Life is a perfect opening that brings the audience back to the nostalgia of Hoi An.

Phần khởi đầu hoài niệm

6.2. Part 2: Wedding

An extremely magnificent wedding scene appears, it can be said that this is a recreation of Hoi An during the Cham culture period. The images of an entire Cham tradition are redrawn through perfect and extremely unique lines. The wedding was performed without missing a single detail, all the oldest historical elements were brought into this performance.

Quy mô phần biểu diễn lộng lẫy và tráng lệ

6.3. Part 3: Lights and Signs

This performance is quite anticipated, as it paints an extremely realistic portrait of love in this nostalgic era. Details of the girl holding a lantern and hurriedly running to the vast white sand beach, trying to shine the light into the vast sea to find her boy. This image has made many viewers' emotions rise.

Người con gái và tấm chân tình của mình ở biển

6.4. Part 4: Ben Bo

400 years ago, Hoi An was the busiest center of goods trade and cultural exchange at that time. Busy commercial ports, where many diverse cultures of the world gather. This part 4 scene recreates the market and the massive architectural works at that time.

The shore of diverse cultural interference

6.5 Part 5: Ao Dai

The image of the ao dai is the perfect ending detail for this performance. The flexibility and gracefulness of the ao dai are taken as the image of Hoi An. Traditional and modern elements are connected together thanks to the ao dai, or in other words. The antiquity and nostalgia of Hoi An have brought a unique character and value to this day.

National cultural heritage

Through this article, we hope that you have had useful information about booking Hoi An Memories tickets. Thank you for reading this article. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hoi An Memories show tickets

Time: 1 day
Departure: Da Nang
Destination: Da Nang
Price: 510.000 VND

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