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Unit price Adult Children (1 - 1.3m) Baby
Buffet 650.000 VNĐ 350.000 VNĐ Under 1m free
Butfet + Mud Bath 800.000 VNĐ 450.000 VNĐ Under 1m free



1.  Nui Than Tai group tour with spacious new tourist vehicles, equipped with air conditioning, ensuring you the most comfort. In case of a large group or you need a private tour, please contact us for a private tour quote.
2.  Get picked up and taken to your hotel or home, there will always be a cheerful and enthusiastic tour guide ready to provide thoughtful support when you need it.
3.  Experience most of the services at Than Tai Mountain such as: mineral bathing, onsen bathing, playing at the water park, playing at the dinosaur park, watching 9D 12D movies and many other interesting games that no additional costs arise.
4.  Have a 5-star buffet lunch at the famous Red Dragon restaurant in the Than Tai Mountain tourist area.


Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs Park is one of the attractive and famous tourist destinations in the Central region. This place is called the conservation area of ​​an extremely valuable natural resource for future generations, which is "Mineral Water Source".

With an area of ​​more than 160 hectares, Than Tai Mountain can be said to be a masterpiece that nature bestowed on the capital of the Central region of Vietnam.

Popular activities when visiting Mount Than Tai that are popular with tourists include: hot mineral bath, onsen bath, playing at the water park, tubing at the lazy river, playing at the dinosaur park, watching 9D movies. 12D. In addition, there are also high-end activities such as mud bath, tea bath, wine bath and milk bath, lemongrass bath, foot massage, full body massage, etc.

Coming to Nui Than Tai Park, you will experience different feelings when immersing yourself in majestic nature with the vast primeval forests of Ba Na Nui Chua conservation area and cool streams. cold.


Cheap 1-day Danang Than Tai Mountain hot spring tour is designed for tourists who want to explore the water park and experience mineral bathing to restore health. Than Tai Mountain Tour  is suitable for all types of customers from children, to adults and the elderly.

We invite you to also refer to the most detailed and high-quality schedule of the 1-day Mount Than Tai tour.


07:45 - 08:15  Our car and tour guide pick up guests at the meeting point and depart for  Nui Than Tai mineral bath resort .

09:15:     Stop at the reception station of the tourist area, the group arranges belongings, receives entrance tickets and prepares to start the trip to have fun and rest comfortably.

09:30:     Tram takes the group to the  "Dragon Ball" area  with a large swimming pool and water games for children and adults.

Experience the winding, mysterious   "lazy river"  in the heart of Long Tien cave  with swimming floats, relax with  Ficus massage chairs , bathe in  Earth Sauna ,  Nga Sauna ,...

Cheap 1-day Than Tai Mountain Tour

12:00:  Have buffet lunch and rest at the restaurant.

13:00:  Continue the journey to explore  the natural hot mineral lake ,  visit the water park, dinosaur park, watch 9D and 12D movies . Soak in a bath and enjoy boiled eggs in the mineral mine. Or you can also choose to enjoy your own space, try out the  tea, milk, mud, coffee, wine, or Onsen bath services ... (At your own expense)

In addition, the Bird's Nest Area is home to many thrilling games that are very suitable for active young people

Cheap 1-day Than Tai Mountain Tour 

14:30  The group gathers and departs back to Da Nang.

15:00 – 15:30  Car drops passengers at the original pick up point. End of the cheap 1-day Than Tai Mountain tour.


11:00:  Car and tour guide pick you up at the hotel and take you to lunch at a restaurant in the center of Da Nang city.

Lunch specialties menu of 12 specialties of the central region.
You rest to regain your strength to prepare the spirit of "fighting" for the journey in the afternoon.

13:00:  Car and tour guide take you to visit Nui Than Tai Hot Springs.

Around 2:00 p.m., you will gather at the gate of Than Tai Mountain tourist area, complete the procedures to receive tickets and enter the tour. The group will visit the natural Egg Boiling Lake area, everyone can boil eggs themselves at the hot mineral spring area (10k/1 egg at own expense).

14:30:  The whole group moves to Dinosaur Park, the most attractive play area for children. There are many types of dinosaurs here, always moving and making interesting sounds.

15:00:  You also have the opportunity to visit tourist attractions such as: Son Than Temple, the largest natural stone bathtub in Vietnam, rich botanical gardens such as: Rambutan Garden, Lychee Garden, Mango Garden,... This is also one of the experiences that tourists enjoy when going to Than Tai Mountain Tour.

17:00:   The group gathers and follows the tour guide to leave Mount Than Tai, get on the bus and depart back to Da Nang. End the 1-day Than Tai Mountain Tour program in the afternoon here.



✓ New tourist car, air conditioning, sound to take the group to visit places according to the program

✓ Dedicated, experienced and skilled tour guides serve throughout the route

✓ Buffet lunch at Red Dragon restaurant.

✓ Sightseeing tickets and mineral baths for Economy package.

✓ Have fun at the water park

✓ Tubing at the lazy river

✓ Mineral bath at the mine

✓ Chair massage at Ficus massage pool
✓ Onsen bath

✓ Water games

✓ 1 bottle of 500ml travel mineral water/person


✕ VAT tax

✕ Meals outside the program

✕ Special bath package with mud, wine, tea, coffee, milk,...

✕ Personal expenses and expenses outside the program


✓ Provide a group list including full personal information and contact phone numbers. 

✓ Children under 1 meter are free, from 1m to 1m4 are charged 50% of adults, from 1m4 and over are charged 100% as adults

With the information about  the 1 day tour of God of Fortune Mountain in Danang  that we provide, we hope to help you better understand your trip.

Than Tai Mountain Tour

Time: 1 day
Departure: Da Nang
Destination: Da Nang
Price: 680.000 VND

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