Tour details

1. General introduction about Mikazuki water park Da Nang - Mikazuki water park 365

- Address:  located at Xuan Thieu Tourist Area, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Da Nang City

- Business hours: 

Daily (Monday – Friday): 09:00 – 22:00

Weekend (Saturday – Sunday): 08:00 – 22:00

- Reference ticket price for Mikazuki Da Nang 2023:  350,000 VND to 400,000 VND/adult and from 170,000 VND to 250,000 VND/child. Children under 1 meter will receive free admission. Note that the above ticket price includes the entire Water Park and Onsen package (excluding meals) and the price changes depending on the time and day you visit.

Mikazuki Da Nang Admission Ticket Price Table 2023 - latest updated details

Type of service

Monday – Friday

Saturday and Sunday

Water park & ​​onsen

Adult ticket: 350,000

Child ticket: 170,000


Adult ticket: 400,000
Child ticket: 250,000

Combo of entertainment tickets & meals

Adult ticket: 700,000
Child ticket: 450,000

Adult ticket: 750,000
Child ticket: 530,000

Ticket price for Mikazuki water park 365 Da Nang

Hinode Villa Room Price: BB Package 2,400,000 VND BBOW Package: 2,850,000 VND 

Deluxe Room Price: BB Package 3,250,000 VND BBOW Package: 3,650,000 VND

Premium Deluxe Room Price: 3,750,000 VND BBOW Package: 4,150,000 VND

Family Room/Premium Family Room Price: 4,850,000 BBOW ; BBV package: 5,650,000 VND

Mikazuki Water Park Danang is the brainchild of Mikazuki Group, opened at the end of 2020. This place is an emerging entertainment destination but has attracted many tourists. The water park project has an investment capital of more than 100 million USD with a construction area of ​​more than 62 thousand square meters. Grasping the needs of tourists who want to relax and have fun at the same place, the 5-star Japanese-style resort in Da Nang has built a 365 indoor water park system, With many spacious swimming pools operating all year round for you to freely relax and have fun.

This hottest indoor hot water park in Da Nang is an indoor amusement park with many spacious swimming pools and a year-round hot water system so you can come here at any time even in the cold winter. .

Large space at Mikazuki Da Nang water park

2. Instructions for traveling to Mikazuki Da Nang water park

Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park is located at Xuan Thieu tourist beach within the 5-star Da Nang Mikazuki Japanese resort & spa complex. This location is not too far from the city center and it only takes a few minutes to get to the airport and train station. Specifically, 7km from Da Nang center, 10km from Da Nang airport, 45km from Hoi An.

Taking the starting point as Han River Bridge, you move to the foot of the bridge - Bach Dang Street. From this location, you go down Bach Dang street towards the sea. Go a bit to the roundabout, then continue straight to cross 3/2 street. At the intersection of 3/2 street and near the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge, you turn onto Nguyen Tat Thanh street and go along that road straight to the place simulating the image of Mount Fuji, which is the water park. Mikazuki Da Nang. 

If you have difficulty moving or unfortunately get lost, you can ask people around or look up the map on Google Maps. Enthusiastic Da Nang people are always ready to help and support you.

Every corner at Mikazuki Water Park Danang has its own unique beauty

3. When should you go to Mikazuki Da Nang water park?

A special feature of Mikazuki Da Nang water park is the giant dome system that covers the entire project. In addition, there is also a lake that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Therefore, you can come here to have fun and entertainment at any time of the year without worrying about the weather.

4. Are there any fun activities at Mikazuki Da Nang water park?

4.1 Water entertainment

The water play area at Mikazuki Da Nang water park has an extremely large design scale. Coming here, you can not only have fun and beautify yourself but also get health care. With a large dome system and the ability to adjust water temperature, this park promises to give you unique entertainment experiences. When entering the play area on the first floor, you will immediately see a water crossing area with a very large dragon-shaped Dragon Slider with a half-open, half-closed slide, with both double and single floats to help increase your experience. In particular, the wave pool area is very suitable for families with children because of the spacious space and the water is adjusted to the appropriate temperature. You can give your child a bath without fear of catching a cold.

There's nothing better than having fun with the whole family at this place on the weekend

4.2 Unique children's play area

Another place for children is the play area on the 2nd floor of this Da Nang water park, children can participate in racing games, animal picking games, ball houses, slides and virtual reality game areas. . Game machines are fully arranged and suitable for children.

Children freely play with friends

4.3 Beauty at the spa

Located on the 3rd floor of this park is a spa area that helps you have moments of relaxation, beauty and health care after the fatigue of life. Going to Mikazuki Da Nang water park to rejuvenate your beauty while immersing yourself in gentle, quiet music is a wonderful experience that you should not miss.

After the skin care spa, make a cup of tea and watch the sunset

4.4 Relaxing onsen hot mineral bath

On the 4th floor is the Onsen area, you can comfortably bathe because this park is designed with separate bathing areas for men and women and has a shared bathing area if you like. For the private bath area, you must be "nude" to enter, so it is very comfortable to be alone in the hot mineral bath. If you are shy, choose to bathe together.

The Onsen area is designed in a Japanese style with a system of water slide swimming pools, wave pools, and a lazy river up to 450m long. The water temperature at the Onson area is adjusted to be around 38.5 degrees, quite comfortable and relaxing, very good for you to soak in. In addition, in the private bathing areas of this Da Nang water park there are also cold baths, whitening baths and steam rooms, which will definitely help you feel extremely comfortable and comfortable. There is also a coffee and tea area with tatami mats to sit and enjoy interesting drinks. 

Shared baths are loved by many young people

4.5 Enjoy unique cuisine

Mikazuki Water Park Danang is a place for those who are fans of Japanese food. With a standard Japanese menu and decoration style, you can freely choose and enjoy the taste of delicious dishes at this place. The space is spacious and luxurious, combining table and chair styles or ground tables depending on the customer's preferences. This area is also considered a delicious restaurant in Da Nang filled with quality dishes.

The plus point here is the arrangement of play areas with lockers, dining and resting areas that are very reasonable so that guests do not have to go far. You can comfortably bring in food and drinks from outside. Pay conveniently by adding money to the bracelet. If you don't use it all, you can go to the reception to get the remaining money back.

The restaurant is luxuriously designed and decorated extremely delicately

5. Notes when having fun at Mikazuki water park Da Nang - Mikazuki water park 365

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when having fun at this water park to make the fun more perfect:

- Bring cute outfits to create virtual photos with thousands of likes, don't forget to bring cute little accessories to embellish it even more.

- Prepare necessary documents such as: ID card, driving license...

- Choose to bring compact, convenient outfits to participate in fun activities in the most comfortable way

- Buy a plastic bag to hold your phone so you can carry your phone with you while recording memorable moments.

Hopefully the recent sharing about Mikazuki Da Nang water park will help you on your upcoming journey to explore Da Nang. Don't forget to visit this water park on your itinerary to explore Da Nang!

Tickets to Mikazuki Water Park Da Nang

Time: 1 day
Departure: Da Nang
Destination: Da Nang
Price: 650.000 VND

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